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To keep up the verity, the taste of appalam holds the authenticity in the taste of the origin right from the choice of ingredients and manufacturing the appalam.

The staunch nature and uncompromising taste of Bindu Appalams can be contributed to the fact that all the ingredients are handpicked by himself and takes almost care in doing so. Despite the roots going back to years, the secret of the taste has been passed to the next generation which is strictly diligent and thereby ensure that Bindu Appalams taste remains unchanged.

The Founder

Mr. M. A. Bharathan at the early stage of his teenage, started, a small scale cottage industry business in1971 involved in Appalam manufacturing and supply.

But the founder himself took a giant leap to revolutionize the brand BINDU and the product to the next stage. When all other brands were emphasizing to increase the business, Our founder was very keen on evolving the product. He necessitated the importance of the product in the everyday meal, as a result BINDU reached from the cottage industry to International marketing.

Bindu Appalams holds a unique care on all stages from raw materials selection to packing. Founder believes in the context of hardwork and innovation with no compromise with the tradition taste. The design of the Bindu Appalams stands out with a bright vibrant blue pack that gives a royal touch. Brand name BINDU is inimitable, as it is not a name of family or ancestors. ` is a cluster of tradition and innovation.

Mr. M. B. Sinoj of the next generation has took forward the business into the next level with technology and tradition, increased the quality, quantity and innovation in the varieties.

The Brand Vision:

The aim to enrich and sustain the most trusted authentic and premium brand that stands for the taste of India to all the customers around the world.

The Brand Standards:

As said earlier, We ensure that the products of Bindu are traditional and authentic. So we are maintaining the highest protocols and hygiene. We are dedicated in whole chain of work from raw materials to supply till it reaches yours kitchen shelves. As it is a nutritionally sound products ,wedisclose the accurate nutritional information on our packing. BINDU products are not just to please your eyes, also tickles your taste buds.


Bindu Appalams has made its growth from roots, which has its branches clinged with its customers all over the world. Bindu Appalams has created a benchmark in the manufacturing of appalam. Today it has reached a height, where Bindu Appalams has become the essential part of an Indian meal. Now a days, it is impossible to pin point an Indian kitchen shelf without Bindu Appalams and there is no alternate to Bindu Appalams with its customer which come with tag line in Regional Tamil Language "Bindu Appalam keata Bindu Appalams Mattum Kudunga" ( means Give Bindu Appalams only we don't want others)

The outcome of our hardwork by generations, the word BINDU for a common man refers to Appalams!!!

For almost half century, one name has been associated with appalams unlike anything else. The “Bindu Appalam” brand has become quite synonymous with the word Appalam today. This is due to our constant focus on Quality, Hygiene, Nutrition, and most importantly the Authentic Taste of Bindu Appalams.

With an amalgamation of age old traditions and modern technology we at Bindu produce not just Appalams, Pappadums, Pappads, and Vadam, but also cherished and delicious memories!

Bindu Appalams

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