Bindu Dinner Special Papad Manufacturers, Exporter in Chennai

Bindu Dinner Special


Bindu Dinner Special, is a premium blended appalam prepared mainly for special occasion, feast and dinner time with your lovable families, friends and relatives to celebrate together and share happiness with our Bindu Appalams.


Black Gram Flour, Rice Flour, Salt,

Calcium Carbonate, Edible Vegetable Oil.

Nutritional Information

Protine Rich


200 gms


₹ 99.00

*Note: The rate and weight subject to change in time.

For almost half century, one name has been associated with appalams unlike anything else. The “Bindu Appalam” brand has become quite synonymous with the word Appalam today. This is due to our constant focus on Quality, Hygiene, Nutrition, and most importantly the Authentic Taste of Bindu Appalams.

With an amalgamation of age old traditions and modern technology we at Bindu produce not just Appalams, Pappadums, Pappads, and Vadam, but also cherished and delicious memories!

Bindu Appalams

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