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All of us have our own preferences in food and more often than not, these preferences are based upon the cuisines we love. However, there are few exceptions which might be the signature food for one cuisine but loved all over the world. You can think of Pizza, Pasta, Tacos, Noodles, and Sushi. Even these foods would not be liked by everyone. But there’s a snack from India that is loved by everyone and that is Appalam.

It is popularly known as the South Indian Appalam, however it has many names including Papadums, Papad, Poppadum, and Pampad. There are also minor variations with little addition of ingredients and spices. They are known as Masala Pappadums and Vadam.

With millions of Indians living around the world, we can say they have also taken their favorite snack along with them. We at Bindu Appalams intend to supply these people and millions of others around the world to taste and relish authentic appalams manufactured hygienically yet holding the tradition.

Being one of the largest manufactures of Pappadams in India, Bindu has almost half a century of experience in the business. Through the years, we have not only modernized our packaging, we have also improved our standards of manufacturing to match and surpass international quality of food products.

Since 1971, Bindu as a company has created new pathways and broken through new frontiers. Our next step is to become a pioneering exporter of appalams from India. We are looking for suppliers who share our passion in taking India’s favorite snack to the world. Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and the United States are the markets we are currently looking to expand.

If you share our passion and would like to take a pioneering step in this endeavor, get in touch with us immediately.

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For almost half century, one name has been associated with appalams unlike anything else. The “Bindu Appalam” brand has become quite synonymous with the word Appalam today. This is due to our constant focus on Quality, Hygiene, Nutrition, and most importantly the Authentic Taste of Bindu Appalams.

With an amalgamation of age old traditions and modern technology we at Bindu produce not just Appalams, Pappadums, Pappads, and Vadam, but also cherished and delicious memories!

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