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We undertake research and application trails to provide solutions to the problems Our research and development team always working on and keen on developing.


BINDU products are consumed by millions around India every day. If we does not tightly control the safety of the product it can have dire consequences. Stringent quality control using state of the art system, we at BINDU ensure its products meet global food safety standards.

We have the sharpest possible focus on the quality control, product safety and security at every stage of our activities. This is the case all the way from raw material selection, approval of suppliers and production to packaging, distribution. Living up to Standards.

For almost half century, one name has been associated with appalams unlike anything else. The “Bindu Appalam” brand has become quite synonymous with the word Appalam today. This is due to our constant focus on Quality, Hygiene, Nutrition, and most importantly the Authentic Taste of Bindu Appalams.

With an amalgamation of age old traditions and modern technology we at Bindu produce not just Appalams, Pappadums, Pappads, and Vadam, but also cherished and delicious memories!

Bindu Appalams

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